Best Fat Burners in 2016 Must Read

When it comes to the top performing fat burners of 2016 (so far), you essentially have an option between two different diet pills (that have been PROVEN to work). The first pill is the Phen375 fat burner and the second pill is the PhenQ fat burner. Lets dig a little deeper to figure out exactly which diet pill fits your lifestyle and weight loss habits.


Phen375 does everything a weight loss junky loves! It is one of the most powerful diet pills on the market today providing prescription level strength without making any trips to the doctor (can be purchased over the counter). One of the main reasons you can buy Phen375 without a prescription is because it contains only natural ingredients. What more could you ask for? Not only are you only ingesting natural ingredients (avoiding “dirty” chemicals other weight loss supplement companies add to there products), you don’t have to stop at the doctor for a prescription, just simply order online!

Phen375 is a revolutionary diet pill combining the ability to directly reduce body fat, while giving you the energy necessary to stay active during the day. The secret to weight loss is burning off more calories than you take in, THAT is exactly what Phen375 has accomplished. The way it can “directly reduces body fat” is by utilizing appetite suppressants to reduce your urge to eat.

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Majority of the customers that have used Phen375 have reported staggering results! For instance, on average a user will lose 2-5 every week. This equates to 8-20 pounds a month with an average weight loss of 40 pounds over the course of 3 months. Lets just say that you take it and only lose 8 pounds per month; that is still a substantial weight loss for doing NOTHING but simply taking a diet pill.

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Not only is Phen375 safe, it’s safer than 90% of the other diet pills that produce results comparable to those of Phen375. Reason being, in order to get the results Phen375 produces, you have to go to your doctor and get a prescription. After you get your prescription and pick up your diet pills, you still don’t have any guarantees that they wont “poison” your body with a plethora of dirty and damaging chemicals. All of the ingredients in used are natural and 100% safe for consumption! It has also been proven that the use of natural ingredients in the Phen375 diet pills have given “the pill” the ability to turn up your body’s internal thermostat to aid in calorie burning.

To ensure the product remains safe through the production and distribution process, Phen375 is produced in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed facilities.

Lets take a look at some of the ingredients …

Forskohlii Root is the first ingredient worth mentioning. This ingredient forces the thyroid to speed up functionality and aid in the process of breaking down fat cells.
It also contains Amino acid L-Carnitine for energy production. The reason this is important is because you will be eating less from the appetite suppressant in Phen375. Therefore, the “L-Carnitine” will keep you energized and burning calories!
Citrus Aurantium is another awesome ingredient! “Bitter Orange” (as its also known) helps “heat up” your body, allowing your system to burn calories (literally) ALL DAY!
Caffeine is also included to help keep you energized throughout the day.
Cayenne Pepper is also included in the product list. This is a common ingredient among diet pill producers because it really works! It increases your blood circulation and helps you burn more calories than you consume throughout the day.
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One of the huge advantages to using the PhenQ fat burner over some of the other weight loss pills on the market is Phenq is a combination of five different fat burners! This way, instead of having to take five pills, you take one PhenQ pill and see the SAME results as if you had taken ALL five pills! This is a very exciting advancement for the “PhenQ” brand, and will lead there customers towards weight loss success!

The ingredients within will make your body act a certain way to ensure throughout the course of your “PhenQ cycle”, weight loss will more than likely occur (and from previous customer reviews, results are almost GURANTEED with this supplement). How will the ingredients react with your body? Lets take a deeper look…

They will turn the heat of your body up, allowing you to burn stubborn body fat effortlessly!
It will actually prevent your body from storing access fat. This is a unique feature of PhenQ compared to other pills on the market (Phen375).
It reduces those cravings you always get when you start dieting.
It allows you maintain the same energy level you had before you started dieting. This is HUGE, reason being, if you have dieted before, you understand that you lose a lot of energy when starting a diet. PhenQ REFUSES to make you sluggish and slow when starting your diet!
It can also help control mood swings and irritation that occurs when dieting.
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Absolutely! Safety is a top concern for the people at GM Labs. They understand they are producing a product the consumer will be ingesting; the quality and sanitation has to be perfect (this is how they feel). That’s why PhenQ is only manufactured in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved labs.


It contains “Capsimax”, a custom blend between capsicum and niacin. This combination has been proven to increase thermogenesis (production of heat in a human body).
It also contains “Chromium Picolinate” to help control cravings. Not only does the “Chromium Picolinate” control cravings, it also helps maintain steady blood sugar.
Nopal, or “opuntia cacti” is a fibrous material from cactus included in PhenQ to help control your appetite.
Caffeine is also included in the ingredient list. Its included to make up for the mental focus you will lose from not eating as much.
Alpha-Lacy’s Reset, which is a patented ingredient unique to PhenQ. This is a body heat-increasing ingredient (thermogenic).
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No matter how many diet pills and fat burners you take, you will need to combine them with a “healthy living” routine for optimal results. Taking these powerful diet pills can help you lose weight without changing your lifestyle. If you decide to change your lifestyle and live healthier, you will experience life-changing results! We have compiled five simple tips and tricks to help you live a healthier life with ease…

Drink LOADS of water- when you can, try and drink a full glass of water 30 minute before each meal, this will help you feel full quicker. Combine this trick with your appetite suppressing fat burner and you will be burning WAY more calories than your consuming.
Eat Lots of Fiber- fibrous products tend to keep you full for longer periods of time. Also, Fiber aids in flushing your body of all the access fats that were stored in your body.
Proteins For Breakfast- stop starting your days off with sugary cereals and treats. Replacing these foods with eggs and a lean protein can result in a 30% increase in weight loss from those who continue to eat their sugary cereals.
Have Three Healthy Meals- if you skip meals, you will gain weight. This seems like a weird concept, but your body releases hormones to store fat when you skip a meal (its to protect us from starvation).
Use Smaller bowls and plates- much to often people will fill their plates and bowls all the way up, just because there’s empty space. So what if we take away the empty space? That’s exactly what we want to do, control our intake by reducing the size of your plates and bowls.


A fat burner is a weight loss supplement designed to aid in the destruction of fat cells. Also fat burners are meant to “speed up” your metabolism to help shed the weight AND keep it off! A good fat burner will always include natural ingredients (which both, PhenQ and Phen375 have) and do the following: increase your metabolism, increase your internal body temperature and break down fatty tissue!


Both PhenQ and Phen375 are revolutionary products possessing some of the most advanced weight loss ingredients available today. But, one of the products MUST emerge on top. From the research we have conducted and the reviews from consumers, the clear winner is PhenQ. The product PhenQ has produced more weight loss per consumer than Phen375. Also PhenQ has a 60-day money back guarantee compared to Phen375’s 30-day money back guarantee. Personally, I believe 30 days cannot be an accurate amount of time to REALLY decide if your weight loss supplement is working. That’s why the 60-day money back guarantee PhenQ offers is so attractive. The combination of five separate pills combined into one pill known as PhenQ is just to good to be true. Except, in the case of PhenQ, its NOT to good to be true. Try PhenQ for 60 days and you will understand the power of this supplement!