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Good Moisturizer for Bald Head

So, you finally decided to wear a bold hair-free head? Good for you. You can skip the regular trip to the salon for a new haircut. That does not mean that you can ditch all the hair maintenance the products that you once loved and regularly used on your lock. To keep that low maintenance look, however, you will need to use the products that are intended to keep a shaved head looking at its best, including the best moisturizer for bald head.

Hair can grow back, so you will need to keep your melon clean


There are different reasons why people, more particularly men, go bald. Aging is one of them. Sources indicate that the average number of hair that one sheds each day is about a hundred. Just imagine if your head won’t be growing back any new hair in the next three months!

Shedding is different from hair loss, since the with the latter, there is a tendency of the hair to fall out and not grow back.

For some, hair loss is a serious concern. That’s the reason why many people spend so much just to treat hair loss. That’s because studies have shown that dormant hair cells can be reactivated so new hairs can grow back.

For those who have opted to go after the bolder look and still have active hair follicles, this should remind you that you will soon see signs of new growth on your shaved head. To keep your head looking at its best, you might as well consider the recommendations below. Read More…

Home Gel Nail Polishes That Don’t Need To Be Cured

Great nails are just what makes every woman go crazy over frequent salon visits. Some won’t even mind having to spend hours to have their nails done only to find out that after a couple of days, their most valued nails have just been broken or chipped off. Another concern is the hazardous fumes that spread within the salon space.

Fortunately, there are several nail polish options that ensure that those who would like to have gorgeous that can be worn longer, like the irresistible gel nail polish. Having them on your nails will limit the times that you will need to have your nails done as gel nails are durable and can be worn for up to three weeks. During those times, your nails will be growing longer and stronger. T

Another good thing about gel nails is that they can easily be done even by a non-pro. You end up saving your precious time and money. Your nail health will also improve as most gel nail polish are made with essential vitamins and minerals for nail growth. What else can you ask for?

If you like the idea of having shiny, long-lasting, and chip-free nails, you can skip going to the salon and sticking your hands under a lamp. With these gel-like options, you can have strong and beautiful nails you can wear for weeks.


1. Sally Hansen – Miracle Gel Nail Color, Duo Pack

This 2-step gel system manicure does not require a UV nail lamp. You won’t also need a base coat to start with. Instead, you will need the top coat that comes with the pack to bind with the color for a gel-like finish that can last for up to 14 days of wear. You have to make sure that your nails are clean and thoroughly dry before applying two coats of color. Finish off with the gel top coat. You can use the matching Sally Hansen Miracle Gel colors. You may think that it is a bit restricting, with 73 colors to choose from, you will have more than you think you will ever need. Read More…

Bearded Dragon Care: Essential Guide For Beginners

The docile reptile known as the bearded dragon or Pogona vitticeps, is generally considered one of the best lizard pets to own. Many have come to know these amazing peaceful creatures for being perky and hardy while being tame. Their keeps have come to love watching their lizards, whether they are having a feeding frenzy, while they are just basking or interacting with other bearded dragons.

These interesting reptiles exhibit unusual behaviors like the “arm waving.” This, in their language, means submission. That means they are ready to give up or make room for another who is also present in the area. You may also observe its spiny “beard” from which it got its common name to get extended. They usually do this when they are alarmed.

Hatchlings of these gentle lizards measure about 4 inches. Their large adults can grow to about 2 feet in length. They have an average captive lifespan of about 6 to 10 years. However, there are breeders who report of having cared for other dragons who have lived twice that long.

Bearded dragons have a unique health and maintenance requirements, so if you intend to keep one or more of these peaceful dragons, this will be an essential guide for you.

Where to buy bearded dragons

If you are considering a bearded dragon for a pet, you can start by choosing the right bearded dragon to buy. These reptiles are usually available at stores. You can also find them in reptile expos and breeders’ websites. It is highly recommended that you opt for captive-bred specimens since they are normally healthier. They are also more accustomed to captivity than wild-caught counterparts. You can also consider several color morphs as well, that is if you are not considering the price.

Bearded Dragon Caging Guide

While they are still young, these bearded dragons can live comfortably in a 20-gallon aquarium for a while. However, they will soon need a more space. A 75-gallon aquarium or equal-sized enclosure is just right for one or two adult dragons. When preparing the dragon’s cage, consider proper screening for adequate ventilation, either you decide to place it on top of the Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure or as a custom enclosure. Read More…

10 Types of Chameleon that are usually Kept as Pets

There are a lot of different types of chameleons in the world, they are around 180 of different kinds but only a few of them are readily available to be kept as pets. They are all differentiated by their size, appearance, and color.

Not all of them are great for an ideal companion. Some of them require a more specific kind of habitatand Best Chameleon Cage or others don’t have the best temperament. So, do not just pick a random type of chameleon and go on your merry way, you should make a research about the different types of chameleons and their needs to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Below are descriptions of the common types of chameleons that are usually kept as a pet:

1. Veiled Chameleon

These kinds of chameleons are often found in the wilds of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. They are the most common type that is kept as home pets and they are a good choice for a first chameleon pet. The males can grow for about 24 inches. long and can live for up to 5 years. The temperatures of their cages should be around 80 F and a humidity for chameleon of about 70%.

2. Panther Chameleon

These types are from the northern part of Madagascar. The males are bigger than the females and can grow for up to 20 inches long. They can live for 5 to 7 years. Aside from being attractive they also tend to do well around humans, they are also a good choice for a first chameleon pet.

3. Meller’s Chameleon

These are naturally found around in East Africa. They can grow for up to 24 inches in length and can live for up to 12 years. Unlike other chameleons, the Meller’s are quite aggressive and is definitely not a good choice for your first chameleon pet. Read More…