Good Moisturizer for Bald Head

So, you finally decided to wear a bold hair-free head? Good for you. You can skip the regular trip to the salon for a new haircut. That does not mean that you can ditch all the hair maintenance the products that you once loved and regularly used on your lock. To keep that low maintenance look, however, you will need to use the products that are intended to keep a shaved head looking at its best, including the best moisturizer for bald head.

Hair can grow back, so you will need to keep your melon clean


There are different reasons why people, more particularly men, go bald. Aging is one of them. Sources indicate that the average number of hair that one sheds each day is about a hundred. Just imagine if your head won’t be growing back any new hair in the next three months!

Shedding is different from hair loss, since the with the latter, there is a tendency of the hair to fall out and not grow back.

For some, hair loss is a serious concern. That’s the reason why many people spend so much just to treat hair loss. That’s because studies have shown that dormant hair cells can be reactivated so new hairs can grow back.

For those who have opted to go after the bolder look and still have active hair follicles, this should remind you that you will soon see signs of new growth on your shaved head. To keep your head looking at its best, you might as well consider the recommendations below.

1. Make sure that you have the right tools for your regular bald-look maintenance routine. Having the right razors to shave new growth ensures that you won’t be going out with head wounds after each shave. You may also need to have a good side bathroom mirror to help you see better where your razor is going while you shave.

2. Don’t ditch your shampoo and other head maintenance product. It does not mean that you have gone bad you will have to discard every hair product that you have been keeping in your shower room. Note that dirt and oil will continue to buildup on your scalp, which means you will still have to clear your head off with these pollutants regularly. Use shampoo and the best moisturizer to keep your head thoroughly clean. The best products will be free from synthetic and toxic ingredients. Avoid products that can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy like soap and body wash. Look for hair products that are made of non-toxic ingredients and will keep your head looking slick, but not blinding nor sticky.

3. Protect your head from the damaging rays of the sun. Hair adds a layer of protection from the sun. Now that you feel cool with no hair on your crown, it will be easy for it to burn or itch if exposed for some time in the sun.

Covering your head with a cap or a hat does not only keep your head from the direct hits of the rays of the sun, but it can also enhance your look. Even if the sun is not at its brightest, exposing your head to natural elements may easily cause it to become dry and rough. Keep yourself properly hydrated and use the best moisturizer for bald heads to make sure that even your head is protected while you have some fun out in the sun.

4. Massage your scalp. Giving your head down your neck a gentle massage will not only help stimulate hair growth but it will also help move the toxins out of your body by stimulating your lymphatic drainage.

Gently massage the top of your crown using your 10 fingertips and work your way down your neck to improve the blood flow to your neck as this will help remove toxins from your body.

Bald is the new black, or so they say. If you have just had your head shaved, hold your head high. Think of those bad-ass fuzz-free superstars like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel who rock with their hair-free head. But don’t forget the simple recommendations above to keep your crown looking at its best every time.