Ladies, we have all been there before, you need to “drop” 10-15 pounds quick, but no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work. Weather you need to lose some weight because beach season is approaching, or you want to fit in to that wedding dress a little better, you need an “edge”.

That’s where we come in, Phen375 and PhenQ are some of the most chemically advanced, and “hardest working” diet pills on the market today. Read on for a more in depth description on both of these pills and which one is the better option for you.


Phen375 is one of the most impressive weight loss pills you can buy. Phen375 boasts a formula with new, highly refined ingredients, the ability to SERIOUSLY curb your food cravings and the power to increase your metabolism to turn you into a fat burning machine.

In order to lose weight, you need to consume less calories than you burn (any doctor or dietitian will tell you this), with Phen375’s ability to control your food cravings, the task of consuming less calories than you burn is a breeze.

Phen375 has the ability to control your cravings “under wraps”, but how do you know this pill is going to provide the energy to get you in the gym? Simple, included in this new “highly refined” formula is a dose of caffeine extract, giving you the perfect amount of energy to workout, even if you haven’t had much to eat that day.

Lets say your intentions are not really to be in the gym everyday, but you want to still lose weight. Phen375’s formula also has an ingredient for you. This secret ingredient is cayenne pepper. What this ingredient will do is naturally raise the temperature of your body allowing you to burn an additional 270 calories a day without stepping foot into a gym.

On average, women who have taken Phen375 have reported results of losing an additional 3-5 pounds per week, that’s 20 pounds per month!


Just like Phen375, PhenQ has a blend of various ingredients including; caffeine extracts, peppers and niacin to help control your hunger while burning fat simultaneously. One ingredient that separates PhenQ from Phen375 is chromium picolinate. This ingredient is a naturally occurring mineral that aids in hunger suppression. Another thing that separates PhenQ from Phen375 is the pills ability to prevent fat cell production, which in turn, reduces your body’s ability to store fat.

Nopal cactus fiber is another “all-star” ingredient included in the PhenQ supplement. This ingredient “tricks” your stomach into thinking you have eaten more than you actually have, which helps you control your hunger.

PhenQ has produced results of weight loss in the tune of 3-5 pounds per week (similar to Phen375). Some of the most satisfied users of PhenQ have reported results of 40-50 pounds of weight loss in only a couple of months!

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Every weight loss supplement reacts differently with different users; some people might lose an enormous amount of weight with a specific pill, while others see no results. From the research we have conducted and satisfied customers we have heard from, PhenQ seems to be the clear winner. Women that use PhenQ over Phen375 have reported losing far more weight in a much less period of time.


Its not women’s fault they generally carry more body weight than men, its natures fault. Let me explain, from the standpoint of nature, a woman’s job is to carry babies and reproduce so the “homo sapien” species can live on and flourish. A woman’s body is designed to store more fat than a mans body because when she gets pregnant, her body needs to provide nutrition and energy for herself AND her baby.

Nature is also to blame for most of your “problem areas”. For example. A woman’s body is programmed to store fat in areas of the hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts. Regardless of if you plan to bare children or not, your body will store fat in these areas (until menopause) to prepare for a potential child. Women have a much higher body fat content than men. Men’s body fat content hovers around 12-14% (on average), while women’s body fat is around 25-31%. Again, this is to ensure if a woman becomes pregnant, her body will have enough nutrition and energy for both, her child and herself.


Stress. Women have a lot more stress than men (even though men would never agree); they are constantly trying to balance home (children) and there work. Stress has the tendency to decrease hormones and reduce neurotransmitter activity in your bran. Your body (trying to compensate for these deficiencies) begins to crave sugar. Even though eating sugar during “stressed” times can make you happy again, increased calorie intake comes as a cost; forcing you to gain more weight.
Time. While trying to balance work and home life (like we discussed previously), people tend to lose track of time, or just don’t have any time to cook a healthy meal. This makes fast food and other fatty foods look very attractive to the hungry eye. Fast food and pre-packaged foods should be avoided at all costs if you are trying to live a clean and healthy life (and lose weight).
Hormones. Hormones are a HUGE factor for female weight gain and weight retention. Estrogen can cause weight disorders that force your body to retain more weight than it should. Also, contraceptives have been know to contribute to weight gain by 10-17%.
Emotions. Even though emotions are not specific to women, they contribute to overeating and women tend to retain weight more than men. One phenomenon that is very interesting in regards to weight gain is how women eat when they are happy (celebrating) and how they eat when they are not happy (depressed). For example, when we are celebrating we eat cake, which is a sugary “junk food”, and when were sad we tend to eat the same types of unhealthy snacks (cake, ice cream, chocolate, chips, etc).
Pregnancy. We have looked at what your body does (until menopause) to prepare your body for pregnancy, but we have not touched on “post” pregnancy weight gain. Pregnant women have stronger cravings for sugary, fatty foods while pregnant. That weight does not “evaporate” after you have your child, it will be retained.


Education is crucial; educate yourself and your family on the benefits of healthy eating. Healthy food is an acquired taste, so it may take some convincing, but never give up!
Always have a packed fridge! Make sure your fridge is not packed with “junk food”, but instead, healthy food like fruits, vegetables and yogurt. This will reduce your need to stop for a quick meal at a fast food restaurant.
Always stay moving. Try and get a step counter, then at the end of the day set a goal to take more steps than you did the day before!
Avoid stressful situations, try to just take a couple minutes a day and do some deep breathing, this has been proven to reduce stress.
Make sure to get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. If your body is tired, you will crave sugary treats!
Make sure to add PhenQ to your diet plan! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Are you sick of being ashamed of your body? Looking in the mirror and being disappointed with what you see? Its time to act, the solution is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!